November 06, 2009

I am loving reading all of your "Thankful" posts.  It has given me such positive feelings to go about my day!
My daughter, Tula, enters all of my giveaways and I just had to show you the post she did on her blog: (Otherwise, you wouldn't get to see it because her blog is private.)


On my moms give away she asked who ever wrote how thankful they are they win the give away.So today i'm going to tell how thankful I am.I'm so thankful I take dance because if I have never taken dance I wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I would also thank my mom and dad because they want us to have fun in life,so they pay for our dance lessons, and with out my mom and dad I wouldn't even be on this earth.If all of my family had only a little bit of food and no money they would give the food to us children. Think of when its Christmas how much money they spent on you.I will love my parents no matter what.Now I'm going to talk about my brothers and sisters.I love my brothers and sisters,but when we have fights I still love them.For example ,Last night libbie took me to dairy queen.She even paid for it because I cleaned wynnies room.Sometimes my sister sophie sticks up for me.You probably don't know how lucky you are to have brothers and sisters.Who's going to play with you when you have no friends. whos going to babysit you when your parents are gon.Boys and girls I wan't you to turn your frown up side down because your family is thankful for you and I don't care if you are mad at eachother. Just love them no matter what so your family can stay together for ever.There are so many things that I'm thankful. So mom you can pick me if you want ,but I just want to say how greatful I am to have you as a mother.Love you always,and happy THANKS GIVING!

She makes my heart melt, and literally, every contest I end up having to make another necklace just for her because I feel so bad!  But she's worth it, that little cupcake!

So onto the next:  WHY I LOVE FRIDAYS
1.  It's the end of a typical hectic week
2.  Date night TONIGHT!  (Happy parents go on dates every weekend.  Did you know that?)
3.  Pay day!
4.  I go to lunch with my sistas!


Kimberly said...

Oh, that is the cutest thing!! She is so sweet. I can see why she gets her necklaces.... she deserves them!!

Have a great Friday of fun stuff!
I'm off to sew another purse.
xxx kim

Karyn Parry said...

Angela, it is great to have found your blog. I saw your link on FB and I found a whole new side to you. I love your blog...darling. How fun to read about what you have been up to. What a darling family you have. I never knew you were just a project woman.

I think the last time I saw you was at Bashas almost ten years ago. CRAZY how time flies.

I love that you get to have lunch with your sisters on Fridays. You have to love living near all of them. Enjoy your Friday!!!

amy said...

I look hot! Is Amanda nursing?

Jill said...

The apple didn't fall far from the tree...a precious daughter from an AMAZING mom!and what a fun day/weekend!!
Many Blessings!

Chelsea said...

I love Fridays too! Tula is so sweet, I loved reading that, thanks for posting! Miss you guys, we need to make a trip to AZ soon!!

ellen said...

Very cute! Tell Amy I miss her. :)

Debbie & Don said...

I went to Tia Rosa's yesterday, It was payday for me too. Shrimp tacos are my fave. Thanks for shareing tutu's blog, I was sad i wasnt going to be able to read it because of her privite blog.

Amanda said...

No I was not breast feeding, just snuggling with my baby, Amy you do look HOT!

rebecca said...

The Friday lunch with the sisters is a great tradition. Tell Amy to feed her babe...he looks like he's starving:) lol. What a cutie!!
Tula's comment was so sweet. We do take our family's for granted so much of the time. What a sweet reminder to show more gratitude.