November 30, 2009

Every year it's a struggle to get everything made that I want to for people's gifts.  I tend to leave it "till later" because I still have a lot of time.  Then, sadly, projects don't get done and I feel like a loser gift giver. 

But times, they are a changin'!  I am designating time EVERY day to work on my handmade gifts.  Do you know who I have turned to to help me in this task?

Yes, my favorite little go-to book.  (I know I have talked about this book before, but I am overwhelmed by its treasure trove of information and easy-to-comprehend directions!)  I am embroidering pillowcases, tea towels, name it!  It's a great craft for me because I can sit in my bed until the late hours and work, work, work.  And then, I can get up early and do the same thing!  If my little ones want me to sit and watch a movie with them, now I can!  Normally I don't have the attention span to sit and watch an ENTIRE movie.  But some how, being productive while watching helps TREMENDOUSLY!  Thanks, Jenny Hart
P.S.  Love the blog where I can find FREE downloads to print!
P.P.S.  I would show you my finished products, but then that might ruin the surprise for any unexpecting persons.


Beach Vintage said...

I know it's a struggle for me to with the gift thing. But I have started today, so all is good.

Melli said...

I love doing embroidery while I am sitting - can't stand to sit still, but I need ideas of things to stitch. I know you can't show us your projects NOW, but I would love to see photos after Christmas. I need ideas!

Love your blog!