October 12, 2009

When I was a little girl, I participated in a year- long study of  the brain in one of my classes in third grade.  I was fascinated.  I have retained more info about the brain than any other topic I studied during my school years.  My oldest has even complained what a crazy phenomenon it is that I have forgotten to pick her up from school, yet manage to still recall the Medula Oblongota  and its functions. 
Naturally, I will HAVE to make these cupcakes this Halloween.  I've always wanted to pipe a cerebellum out of frosting.  Tasty.    Cupcakes by Martha Stewart.


Dorie said...

Can you pleeeeease make me some of these?? They look tasty:) and hey, in response to your question on my blog- are you CRAZY??? Yes yes and yes!! Use that work table for your island!! I'd do it in a second:) love you ang.

shell said...

do you know what effects alcohol have on the brain?

Kimberly said...

These look so super tasty, yummy, fun!!! I thought they were truffles when I first glanced at them.
xxx kim

Anna M said...

I know you are MUCH smarter than yours truly, but I could not get to make these look good. I don't know if the tip was too big, or if my hand isn't steady enough.

Post pics when you do.

And... I got your package, you lovely sister you!