October 18, 2009

Smart Make-Up Brushes

Start clipping your Michael's coupons...Angie over at Junk Garden shared the most inspired info:  Loew Cornell brushes substituted for expensive make-up brushes!

Yes, you are hearing me right.  Instead of paying $20 to $50 for  make-brushes, she buys professional paint brushes.  And you only have to go so far as your neighborhood Michael's craft store.  (Imagine spending only $3 to $15 on make-up brushes!)

AND, to be even COOLER, she made a cheat sheet chart.  I loved this!  I was blown away by this!  I couldn't stop thinking about how cool this was.  (Go visit her blog. You too will be blown away by her coolness!) 

Next time you receive your Michael's ad in the mail, SAVE it!  There's always a 40% off coupon in there and you can use it to get an even CHEAPER brush!
You're welcome.


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Angela,what a fabulous tip, really great to pass onto my friends and clients who are keen to look Styish on a budget.Love the way you always come up with these pearls of wisdom on here, thanks Angela.Hope to see you soon, over @ My Passport to Style Sharon xxooo

junkgarden said...

Hi Angela. Thanks so much for the feature. So sweet of you! Did you buy any brushes yet? I especially like using them for eyeshadow.