October 05, 2009

One of My Geeky Hobbies...UNVEILED

I have this hobby:  I virtual shop.  I pretend that money is no object and I "fill my cart" with things that I love.  Let the computer add up my total, just to see what it would all cost me in one lump sum.  Hmmm...that's not bad for all of that.  But I typically never buy.  I always imagine there's a sales person on the other end, watching my order build, eyes big with anticipation of a huge sale.  And then...click, "She's gone!"  Another virtual shopper... dreaming again!  I bet they just hate that.

These images are all from my latest "shopping binge" at JCrew.  I love JCrew.  Timeless, I tell ya.  I have actually ordered from them.  Really.  I used to get catalogs weekly in the mail.  Then I stopped using credit cards... and the catalogs dwindled down to just seasonal editions.     

What about you?
Do you virtaul shop?

Did you already today?


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Angela, all the time, great game! As you have picked some juicy shoes and bags, I don't think you will be disappointed if you pop over to My Passport to Style today, there are some great prizes to be won for followers and its for a great cause! Sharon xxxooo

lvsparkle said...

Hilarious! I must confess~I am a virtual junky too! I don't go as far as you with the salesperson and all...I just get a big load in the cart and then click away to another site and forget I ever made a pile elsewhere. But occasionally I think and rethink about the goodies and wish I really had it all coming to my door!!

Sumbum said...

I was at Jcrew today and could have bought about 12 items. Such great stuff in that store! Love what you picked.

Kellie Collis said...

Unfortunately i press the buy button!! x

Begoña said...

i do it all the time, I like feeling like I'm free and rich and can have anything I wont. Then I remember I'm not and disapear, just like you, just like Cinderella, living a dream and then dissapear as the clock says it's twelve o'clock!!