October 23, 2009

It's a Ramble...

Why is it we spend our childhood, wanting to be older?
(I have a sister that was trying to drive at 14.)
And our adulthood hating that we are, in fact, getting older?
(I know, I just tried to move my piano, forgetting that my back is indeed as old as I am.)

My drink is never my own.
My kids continually sneak sips out of Mom's big girl drink (Diet Coke.  Just Diet Coke.)
(There's never any left for me...so I really drink less than you'd think.)
I try to give them all healthier drink options.
("Trust me.  Life's much easier being addicted to WATER!")
My make-up and perfume is not my own.
(Mama taught me to share my things.  Now it's out of control.)
Have you ever been in the shower and reached for you favorite conditioner, only to find it's been snatched!
Things disappear from my bathroom all.  The.  Time.
("My bathroom".  That's funny.  You wouldn't know it was just mine because everyone's in there!)
I have a sassy, sharp little 4-year old.
She likes to use my cell phone.
(She's really quite good at it.)
The other day I was pumping gas and she popped her head out of the car to ask,
"Could you hand me the keys so I can turn on the air?"
Seriously.  Who are you, and how did you grow up so fast!


Anna M said...

I hear you--except on the Diet Coke thing. I was one of the lucky ones not to like it.

And I saw in InStyle mag that you can get matte onyx nail polish at Ulta. If you're still interested. Just make sure you hide it from littler hands. ;)

Pam said...

Funny, Angela. I hope that somehow you are keeping a hard copy of all your offerings to the blog world. They will make a great read all put together... if only for your posterity.

shell said...

JUST..........??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
and oh, those eyes!!!!

Kimberly said...

It is universal!!!! My conditioner, eyeliner, polish remover... is always gone. My oldest takes at least a bottle of shampoo and conditioner to athletics every week, so we hop in the shower unknowingly (he has to be at school at 6 am, so he leaves before we're up) when we get up and have nothing. It is so infuriating!!! Give up the Diet Coke. I have felt soooo much better since I did.
xxx kim

Beach Vintage said...

My daughter emptied my expensive conditioner onto the floor of the bathroom last week. I know how you feel.

Kellie Collis said...

Ah the joys of having children!! Clearly I am not ready to share my things! xx