October 21, 2009

How many Jack Skellington cookies does it take
To fill the cookie jar?

More than I was willing to make.
I am typically a cream cheese frosting and sprinkles kind of gal,
But my little girls LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas.
I wanted to try my hand at the royal icing-kind-of-decorating.
It was fun.
But it takes a special kind of person with a lot of patience and a steady hand.  (And no two -year olds pulling on your arm during the process.)
These are the "HANDS OFF" ones that are going to stay in the jar through Halloween (We'll see...)
The rest are up for grabs!


Judy@cutest-little-things said...

Those are absolutely darling! I love them! Great job!



amydear said...

Wow! Definitely too cool to eat. Hope they last through the holiday.

Anna M said...

nice job!

Love anything with THE pumpkin king on them. Alan wants to decorate our CHRISTMAS tree with all Jack ornaments and I assure him he can when he has an office (with his own tree in said office).

stacey said...

Jewelry designer, tappestry maker and now expert cookie creator...........what will she do next?! you are so artistic in everything you do, I Love It!

Fat & Sassy said...

Hi Angela!
Just a heads up, I used one of your pics from your blog today in a post. You know I think you style is so cool!!! Thanks for all the inspiration you share!

daphne on a rocketship said...

i love the cookies!!!!!!!!i love jack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how did you make them????????????????i want so much one of them!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

Love the cookies, hope your kids don't snatch them. Looks like Fall break was fun, did Sophie chop her hair off? Its cute. Miss ya!

Kimberly said...

Oh how cute!!!! They look fabs in that jar. I think you should glue the lid on!!!
xxx lim

domestic bliss said...

Those are so cute! My kids love that movie too-

apparentlyjessy said...

Love these cookies Angela! I suck at decorating cookies.
I am late in replying but YES I am a bit of a metal fan hehe, I am in love with a metal head boy, so he has introduced me to some great bands I probably wouldn't of known about if I didn't know him!