October 20, 2009

(HOT) October Break

Last week was October (Fall) Break for my kids
Problem:  Still feels like Summer, not Fall
Where could we escape to to feel Fallness?
I thought maybe Prescott.  Higher elevation = cooler air.
Not so much.  We had an exceptionally HOT few days.
(Try 100's)

But a road trip with my girls is always fun...

We chose Freeman Farms in Chino Valley as our final destination
Hunter loved the petting zoo...she's always wanted to be next to a cow.

We tried our first ever corn maze...

(Suprisingly she's not a drama student.  Shocking, I know.)

We made it!

Delux snow cones cooled us off.

The drive home sans the tree lined streets with fluttering autumn leaves.
I know, this Winter I'll be grateful I live in warmth!
Next year's goal, we will find those falling leaves.  No matter how far North we have to drive.
For now, we won't pack away our swim suits just yet.


Anna M said...

come here for Thanksgiving... please!

shell said...

you are the ultimate. totally the ultimate. mugs down.. i mean hands down. either way!!

Amanda said...

You need to go see Anna anda the beautiful fall leaves in UT!!! Beautiful and cool weather!

Kimberly said...

Looks like fun!! We are actually enjoying cooler weather, here in TX. It has come with buckets of rain unfortunataley, but I saw a few purple leaves today!!!
xxx kim

PS I love that new ring!!!!

amy said...

Love Hunter - she's a NUT!!!