September 17, 2009

Do You Feel Lucky? Do Ya?

My Lucky Penny Necklace has a story, a history:

About seven or eight years ago, my daughter's friend, Taylor, suggested I make a necklace out of a penny. "Cute idea, Taylor!" I wanted to be have all kinds of ideas. As I thought about her idea more and more my own ideas came together and this was the outcome. I tried soldering a bail to just the penny, but they would melt. Pennies aren't solid, quality copper anymore. They have all kinds of less desireable metal in them now. Too bad. So I set it in a sterling bezel, handstamped "Lucky" on the bail and put it on a crystal or a pearl chain. It has been a staple piece ever since. I owe Taylor BIG TIME. Sometimes kids help open our eyes to look at the simple and see them in a different light.

It has been copied. Blatently copied. I'm sure some of you can totally relate. We're supposed to take that as flattery, right? It kind of bugged me at first, but then it made me chuckle. Really? You couldn't make your own design? Give it your own twist? So sad. But knowing I came up with the design gave me the confidence to move forward and come up with even more designs. People will copy. It happens. But a true artist can move on to bigger and better things. Although, this 'lucky" design will always be a sentimental piece. (I try to remember to handstamp my logo on the back now. So you know you're getting an original!) I've even had to have a conversation with someone wearing a copy they made. Am I not supposed to notice it? Am I supposed to acknowledge it and say, "Cute penny!" Awkward. I just smile, pleasantly converse, and then walk away. It makes me laugh. "That was weird."


Debbie & Don said...

I love Mr. Lincoln’s necklace. sweet. You're famous enough to get copied! Wow! Not just anyone can say that.

Anna M said...

I think I will wear my lucky penny earrings today!

love 'em

Jill said...

So sad...and I agree I'm not sure I take it as "flattery" when someone copies me!
But I must say...I do believe that was a "lucky penny" because all your designs are AMAZING!

Kimberly said...

I can't imagine anyone else's penny being anywhere near as cute. This might be my favorite of yours so far. I know, I say that about them all! I love Abe's bling!
I had a dear friend who wanted to work together on my purses. She was very talented and creative. I found out before we finalized everything she had used some of my patterns and was selling them individually to the boutiques we were looking to sell through. It ruined our friendship, and to this day she acts like she doesn't know what she did wrong. Luckily she is very flaky and could not supply her orders. (Sorry, that was mean of me, but true)
keep your chin up.
xxx kim

domestic bliss said...

i totally remember that- wow- has it been that long??? Miss you! Lets get together soon- the days are just flying by!

My Passport to Style said...

Hi love the concept of the penny necklace, what a compliment someone wanting to emulate your work!It sooo sweet, keep up the great work Angela! Sharon

Mookie said...

I forgot it was Taylor that suggested that ....but i totally remember now!! "Abe" was my first Angela Henrie buy!! I am sad to say that he has since gone missing....perhaps taken by the enemy to copy!!!:) life just isn't the same without lucky! No matter what anyone tries to do, it's never as good as the original! there is only one you and your creativity always leads the way!!! xo Jill

Tiff Hunt said...

My mom used to tell me that copying was the most sincere form of flattery. LAME! However true it may be, it still sucks. I love your designs, they are truly unique. I love that Abe is B-Dazzled! So fun.

onehm said...

I love my lucky penny necklace that I got from Domestic Bliss...I still wear it all the time and get TONS of compliments on it.