August 14, 2009

I Want to Sit in the Front!

I drive a Suburban. I don't really have an option. I really should have a van. That would fit us a lot more comfortably. (I have an excuse: I don't possess the skills to drive a loaf of bread.)
A suburban has three rows: The front, the back, the back-back, and then there's the back-back-back (for all of the groceries and golf clubs). It's an age old argument: Who gets to sit in the front, who has to sit in the back-back. "Listen," I turn around and tell them "We are SO fortunate to even HAVE a back-back. Be grateful!" I am sure they only cringe to hear me say this time and time again. But it is true. (I am really big on gratitude around here.) I know I am not alone in that I love that moment, that very short moment, when I load the kids in , shut the door, and then take that SLOW, SILENT walk around to my door. Perfect, peaceful moment.
The front seat is always the most desired. Sometimes an actual race ensues. At times, someone gets knocked down or crashes into the car from the force of their determined speed. For an outsider, it would be a ridiculous sight. I realize that. My kids have a natural reflex now to hop into the front seat and hurriedly lock the door. As if someone is going to open the door and rip them from their acclaimed position in front! I can physically feel their race of adreneline.
Wow. It's hard to watch. Solution? I assigned everyone a day. From oldest to youngest, Monday through Saturday. When it's your day, you get the seat. No question, no complaints, no matter how many times we are in and out of the car. "It's my day."
I know I don't have it all figured out, but when you find a solution that works, for YOUR family, it's like an epiphany. Lightning strikes and the whole world makes sense again. Those moments that make you think, "I can do this. This Mom thing."


Pam said...

Angela...You made me laugh. I can actually remember the very same thing....especially the quiet walk around the car after everyone was loaded up.

Kimberly said...

Absolutely not! Just sit back and feel appreciated!!

We have the same front seat battle. I have started the car and almost left one before because they refused to get in the back seat after being LOCKED out of the front. The sad thing is it was my daughter at age 14 and in public!!!! (she WOULD open the front door and pull the younger one out, so he knows to lock it).
Our solution: whoever's trip it is gets to call their spot. This doesn't always work. I'm just happy my spot is always reserved. At least until the 14 yr old gets her learners permit. UGH!!
xxx kim

Jill said...

Too cute! I drive a suburban too...and there is always a race (war) for the front...I am going to try your idea!
Have a great weekend!

apparentlyjessy said...

"I don't possess the skills to drive a loaf of bread"... I laughed so hard!!!

Morgen said...

I love your idea. It is humane. I don't let my kids sit in the front seat of my suburban unless they are 12 years old!

Beach Vintage said...

Isn't it funny. You spend all your life as a kid trying to get in the front seat, then when your a teenager your in the back seat. And then when your an adult you WANT to sit in the back seat and get driven around. I just can't work it out.