August 29, 2009

"How YOU Doin'?"

This photo makes me laugh EVERYTIME I look at it. My baby looks like a little Guido, "How you doin'?"
I miss having a baby in the family.
The other day, this man I know, tried to convince me that syatic nerve problems are as painful as giving birth. I laughed. Unsympathetically, I told him, "Try giving birth WHILE you're having syatic nerve problems!" (Yeah. That was me. Tough girl. Suffering with my syatic nerve and then giving birth NATURALLY. Once. I only did that once. And I can't brag and say I did it by choice.) I had this flashback, this beautiful flashback. And although the pain was like nothing that can be described, I would go back. I would go right back to that beautiful moment.
Why, crazy woman? Why would you even want to go there? Back to those depths of pain hell? Because ( looking back, of course!) those moments of child birth were the sweetest most gratifying moments of my life!
It's interesting. Life. There are stages. Maybe when you are in a particular stage, you're not enjoying it all that much or maybe wish you weren't even in it. But it's when you HAVE to move on to the can be tough. I don't like walking away from this childbearing stage. It's pretty much defined me for the last 20 years. And now, when almost strangers curiously ask me if I'm going to have any more children, I have to tell them, "No, I'm done." But I say it sadly. And then they think I am insane. You see, I have found in this worldly world, I am considered by MANY people a freak. Or that's how their reactions sometimes make me feel when they realize how many children I have. If they only knew... I'd have twenty kids if I could!


My Passport to Style said...

Hi Angela, would love to feature you and your fabulous jewelrey on my blog, if your interested email me @ . Sharon xx

Beach Vintage said...

Hi Angela, interesting post. I feel almost like the opposite. I didnt really enjoy being pregnant or giving birth and I would not want to go back and so it again. BUT, having said that, I know I will go through more "stages" in my life and maybe I will feel different about it one day.

Emily said...

I loved this post, very nicely put. I too am one of the "crazies" and have always wanted a big family. A warm, happy house full of children and laughter, it seems like you have that.

apparentlyjessy said...

Your blog makes me "clucky" a lot!

Anna M said...

I have to leave a comment, just so I can type the word verification below that reads "flart". Now that is a classic word!

Actually I feel like a "flart" being pregnant and it's only my 4th child. You're not crazy for wanting 20, but maybe a bit insane ;).

LOVE! and flarts!

Morgen said...

I seriously could have written that post! Just last week two people asked me if I was having another baby and when I said "I wish" they were shocked into silence. Having eight kids is the best thing I ever did and I wish I could have twenty!