August 01, 2009

Pool Shacks

I'm getting a pool shack. (Kind of like a "Love Shack" but for pool supplies, not people.) I want it to emmulate a beach hut on faraway sands. Unfortunately, any beach IS faraway from me. I will make do and decide what color to paint my own.

Maybe I could get one of those sound machines - the ones that play soothing beach and ocean sounds to help you sleep soundly. I could place it outside and blast it loud enough to make us all feel like we're right next to some crashing waves. (Why didn't I ever think of this before!) Happy Weekend!


Brett said...

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this post.
But I even loved your oatmeal cookies that my mom made all of us 2 days ago!! In fact, I love them so much...i've just spent some time writing down the recipe here and now I'm off to the store to get some butter! My husband just asked me what my plans are for the rest of the day and i said: I'M MAKING ANGELA'S COOKIES!!! (okay and sharing with neighbors too!) THANKS!! SO YUMMY!! Miss you!

Kimberly said...

Not fair...a play house and a beach shack! I can imagine the Angela Henrie Beach Shack!!! Can't wait to see it. About the best I can hope for is a deer camp hut, and it won't be cute. I did prime and base coat my swing though! Still trying to decide if I want it pretty or fun. Have a great weekend!
xxx kim

Libby said...

I can always count on you to post everyday (almost) and to write about something sooo cute!

I love your blog! Good luck with the paint color!

shell said...

I want a pool shack but i want it to be my house. i want it all the colors of the rainbow because that is my favorite color. i want sand on the floor and in between my toes and i want curtains blowing in the ocean breeze. i also want to paint my front door.

Room design studio said...

aaah turqoiuse is my favorite color! I have it all around my house! I adore these beach huts! and I'm so happy to find your blog !

Torie Jayne said...

Hi, Just found your lovely blog, such a great post, looking forward to seeing it painted x