June 18, 2009

One of my silver staples. If I don't have any takers on this one, I'm keeping it for myself. It's all handmade chain. Yes, by my own two hands.

I have had some custom orders that I have been working on. One in particular is a SWEET woman who is ordering necklaces for 5 of her sisters for Christmas. She wrote a little something about each one of them and then gave me the creative freedom to design each one. I love these kinds of projects!

I have had customers commission a custom piece made from their mother's or grandmother's beads. I LOVE those projects too! It's so nice to use my art on such a personal level. I will definately share some photos as these projects evolve!


Kimberly said...

My favorite thing about your jewelry is the handmade chains and the way you mix the link sizes! They are awesome! :) KIM

Angela Henrie said...

thanks, Kim. You're too nice.