June 09, 2009

A Little Thank You

My parents, the seasoned travellers, went to Mexico City. They've never been to Mexico City...everywhere else, but not Mexico City. I don't even know WHY they went there, but they did, and they visited Frida's museum for me! That has been my goal, for years now, to get to Coyaucan (spelling?) to visit her museum which is also the house she grew up in. (I was definately going to wait until the bird flu was under control, but I guess some people don't fear the flu...Mom?) Anyways, my mom shared pictures that she took in the courtyard of the blue house and even brought me back a book (all in Spanish) from the museum. I am so excited and grateful you did this, Mom and Dad. Thanks.

Special note: Did you know, a couple years ago, I tried to talk Hubby into painting the back of the house that wraps around the courtyard blue? He thought I was absolutely out of my mind. (Nothing new.)


ana said...

Hi Angela!! The correct word is COYOACAN and I've been to Frida's house too, its gorgeous and Coyoacan used to be a town when the spanish were still ruling Mexico. That's like 400 years ago. . Is also very beutiful. Now is a very nice neighborhood.

Kimberly said...
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Kimberly said...

You are so fortunate to have such a great family. It sounds like a wonderful trip. Don't worry, I've had lots of friends in Mexico the past few weeks, and all have come back healthy. They actually said it was a great time to travel over there without crowds.
I'm not familiar with the blue of Frida's house. Maybe you'll post some of the pictures?!?

Josje Veenenbos, said...

How lovely! If you ever get a chance you should go there. I visited a couple of years ago. It is a magical place, I could happily live there!

Pam said...

You are so welcome, my darling. It was a pleasure to do that for you. I just can't get over how often I felt that you would so enjoy all of the things that I saw there....just like in Peru. With your tender heart and affinity for the people, I just know that you are destined to go south of the border and do a lot of good someday. Start learning spanish and you will be ready when the time comes!!!

Cassandra Barney said...

On my list of things to do...go see Frida's house. I'm serious. I've been saying it for years.

When I'm trying to get my mind back into my work, sometimes I listen to Frida's biography. It's so passionate.

Federica said...

Welcome to my world Angela!
I'm so glad that you follow my blog! Now I found yours, and it's absolutely gorgeous!
Love it!!


Beach Vintage said...

How wonderful to have these memories with your family.