May 02, 2009

I found some more wallpaper that I like. It's by Anna French. It's feminine, pretty, and dramatic...all wrapped up in one little roll. To me, wallpaper is a scarey thing. It's more of a commitment than, say, a paint color. You can just re-paint. Wall paper has to be REMOVED. Yikes. Talk to anyone who's had to strip wallpaper and they rarely replace it with more wallpaper.

Remember this wall (below)? It's in my front room that hubby painted a "safe" brown color that I CANNOT hardly stand. Marraige is all about compromise, and since he set up the scaffolding and hung the chandelier, I pretty much gave him carte blanche with the color. I thought he would go a bit more dramatic..not so. So what this room needs now is a little punch. This is more of an accent wall, so it's not too imtimidating to pursue covering it in some FABULOUS pattern. I also really love flocked wallpaper. If you know of any great sources...I'm all ears.


Beach Vintage said...

That pink floral wallpaper is so beautiful. I think porters do wallpapers now??

Fat & Sassy said...

I'm currently deciding on paper too. The best source as far as $$ is, they have papers as low as $9 per roll. I really like the one AW51048, it's turquoise background sweet roses and birds will be perfect in my dining room and for less than $9 per roll it's a steel!

P.S. I also love the wallpaper collage look and am thinking of ordering 1 roll of several of these papers to do my front foyer wall in.

Good luck!

Moonspinner said...

I love the pink wallpaper, yummy!

~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

I just LOVED the way you did framing- in this picture!!! FABULOUS! I just had to post it on my blog. I hope that was ok. I gave you credit.