May 04, 2009

I am deeply disappointed in this photo, but I really wanted to share a picture today of my newest necklace. It's a rose on a heart - two of my favorites together.

I have always been obsessed with roses. Back in the day, when I lived in an apartment, I had no garden. It was very sad for me. I physically yearned to grow roses- I am not exaggerating and I cannot stress this enough. I would go on walks through the neighborhood and pass many-a-rose bushes. Did these people in these houses realize how fortunate they were to OWN a rose bush! Sometimes, I'm ashamed to say, the thought actually crossed my mind - what if I could get away with coming back late at night and cut a few, just a few, for myself. Can you believe me?! That's how sick in the head I can get about roses. Nobody would even notice a few blooms were missing...luckily, I never stooped so low.

It is difficult for me to walk through the garden center at Home Depot and not make a bee-line to the roses. Trees, topiaries, climbers, miniatures,etc. It's an addiction...buying one makes me very happy. Even if I don't know where I am going to plant it. I have bought a rose tree, completely ignoring the fact that I drove Hubby's little car that day. Try fitting a tree in a mini doesn't work. ( And calling him to come pick up my tree is not fun either. ) He knows now that, to me, a rose bush is a much more treasured gift than a dozen roses in a vase. SO much cheaper too.

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Dallas Shaw said...

i love this. w a simple short dress this would be amazing