May 28, 2009

"Dancing Queen" necklace UNVEILED

So I had THE most difficult time photographing this necklace. I am not a photographer...I have accepted that fact. I decided to "unveil" the necklace for June first's giveaway before the actual day; I get a little too anxious. That is exactly why I can't save a present for a birthday or Christmas - I just want to give it right then.

This necklace is a bit longer, about 18", with various silver chains connected by pearls. The pendants say, "Dancing Queen" in case the picture is not clear enough. Then there's the dangling ballerina, a little play on words...everything handmade in sterling silver. Good luck, hope you win! (Just remember to sign up as a follower to the right. That's where I'll randomly select somebody from.)


Kimberly said...

This is so awesome!!! Did I forget to tell you, I am a former ballerina, The Dallas Metropolitan Ballet? OK, it was a really long, long time ago, but still, I did my time!! Good luck to everyone!!
I love all the different chains...very cool!

Rose said...

Youve done a really great job on the dancing queen necklack, its just lovely!
Ill keep my fingers crossed :)

amydear said...

As a former ballerina and current dance party enthusiast with my kiddos, I hope I win on Monday! Why is May so darn long??

apparentlyjessy said...

Oh its so pretty! I had a story book of a ballerina girl when I was young, it came with a necklace of little silver ballerina shoes, I adore the book and the necklace...and this one reminds me of it! Its lovely :)

Kathy said...

Hi - I just happened on your blog and what a treat! I love the necklace - looking forward to reading more of your blog!