April 17, 2009

Way back in the seventies, a movie came out that I wasn't allowed to see. (I was only 8. I totally understand, Mom.) For a couple of weeks, though, we would spend lunch recess in the girls' bathroom listening to the soundtrack on Joy's boombox (she got to see the movie).

Later on in life, a beautiful thing called "Cable" came along and opened a broad new world of past movies "your mother never let you see". Now they were edited and appropriate to watch with the fam. I knew this movie forward and backward. Still do. Today a new teeny-bop movie comes out and we are hittin' the theater! I hope it's appropriate, cause we're all goin'! (Love Rizzo's little freckly nose!)

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apparentlyjessy said...

I love Grease! I love the music, I love the story line, and most of all, I love the fashion! :D