April 24, 2009

I made these yummy confections for this yummy bug. He is the squishiest, softest cookie on the planet - he's "my Ty". Well, not mine, per say; he's my nephew...but that's pretty close to being mine.
And I could just eat him up!
(Don't you wish you could just reach through the screen and squeeze him!)


Julie Bou├ęsso said...

YUM! Me too! Cheers, Julie

amy said...

I think I'll go squeeze him right now!!
(thanks for bringing the cupcakes - the boys seemed to get a kick out of licking the babies bums)

apparentlyjessy said...

Very cute cupcakes! And even cuter little baby boy! :)

Chelsea said...

Spencer told me how yummy your cupcakes were last night!!! Thanks so much for the Christmas present, I love it!! Its perfect. Love ya girl!