April 05, 2009

I know it's "Happy Birthday". But why do I always feel so sad when my kids turn one year older? Happy 17th, Hunter! (sniff...sniff.) To all those young Mothers with your little ones pulling at your skirts, wanting you to hold them all of the time, crawling into bed with you in the middle of the night...Enjoy it! (You probably hear that advice all of the time. But it is true.) Before you know it, you're the last person they want to hang out with and you never see them unless they need a ride somewhere! (I will keep my tears inside...)


Shelly Beson said...

I hear ya sister. Justin and Hannah just turned 19 and 15 last month and I thought good grief my baby will be driving in 7 months. It was hard for me to let Justin drive away but for some reason it will be harder to let my little girl do that. Time flies.


Pam said...

Eventually all little girls grow up and discover what their mothers have already experienced.

domestic bliss said...

Hey Ang-please wish Hunter a Happy Belated birthday from us. Dan said he saw her the other day and that she was soooo very grown up- it took him a minute to place her- I remember when they were just little girls. Life is so much less complicated when they are little isn't it?