April 29, 2009

CONFIDENCE - do YOU have it?

Not me, nope, I never quite feel like this guy...obviously. This is something that I've had to deal with my ENTIRE life: confidence. Lack of it. I was on Facebook last night and came across this man, who shall remain nameless, and was completely taken back by his grand display of confidence. Where was I when they were passing out the confidence vouchers? I missed that meeting.
How does one attain such a level? I fear I will never know such obliviousness. But that's o.k., right? We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. But in the next life, I am NOT embarking on it until I have been given half the confidence this guy was given.
I have been reading many books on teaching art, etc. and I have learned that you must encourage kids and reassure them that "lots of artists don't like their work". That's it! I'm an artist...it's in my genetic recipe! Now I can chalk it up to this: I don't have much confidence - but that's because I'm an artist. We tend to be like that.
This entry is dedicated to Heather. You know I did this one for you.
Disclaimer - I, in no way, shape, or form intend to offend anyone. I feel that pictures posted of oneself on the internet are fair game. Thanks for sharing.


Carolyne said...

Very funny post. Yeah, I think I missed the memo when they were passing out confidence too. :)

missy said...

I couldn't agree more with you!! I too was in the long line of "What If I Did This" line instead of the Confidence line. Maybe it was for the best because If I had the confidence of that guy I probably would be living in a Nudist Colony!! LOL LOL

shell said...

you know you and H printed off this pic and secretly have it stowed under your pillow for some late night sweet-nothings!!

Angela Henrie said...


Anna Macfarlane said...

really, Ang? "NOT!"?

Really? ;)

Beach Vintage said...

The reason you are attracted to this confidence is because you have it within yourself.