April 02, 2009

Because You Asked...

Normally, I am just your typical Mom. I am nice, patient, fun; at least I think I am all those things. But come April first, my prankster side comes out. It is a bit ruthless. And teamed up with my crazy sister, the Homecoming Queen, we are downright NUTS. (She got me good, by the way...a For Sale Sign in front of my house! ) I officially developed a six-pack yesterday from laughing so much and so hard from our April Fools Day shenanaginns. I won't go into all of the details, but some of the highlights for me were the morning mustaches (drawn with washable markers that didn't quite live up to their name), switched pajamas (it was so funny watching my "little boy" wake up in a nightgown! Freaked. Him. Out.), frozen bowls of cereal. Yes, the morning started out quite successfully. But the crowning achievement was definately the surprise water gun attack on the neighborhood kids on their way home from school. They found our monkey masks quite creepy - we had absolutely NO peripheral vision. ( Next year, we'll rethink that one. ) Homecoming Queen was a true spaz and really held up her end of the attack.

Although college girl is away, I had to get her too. I called and gave her a phony reason to call "Mr Lyon"...something about a scholarship renewal...blah, blah, blah. I gave her the number to the zoo.

All in all, it was a satisfying April Fools. My bedroom got teepeed and I got attacked by a million girls with water balloons when I was lured outside by a LIE! But it was all in good fun. Last night I was too exhausted to even cook dinner - so the last joke was on them - CRAZY KIDS! Until next April...hee hee.

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Julie Bou├ęsso said...

OMG - I love, love, love your stories of pranks! I thought hardly anybody plays them any more until I read your post! Will take notes for next year - I am up for the challenge! Cheers, Julie