April 29, 2009

Another mission for Mom

My poor, poor Mother. Not even home a week from Peru and I have her set out on yet another mission for myself. It is crazy how, coincidentally, she always seems to be conveniently located in the state or country I need her to be in at exactly the right time. Her life seems to work out well for me. It just puts her out a bit.

An artist that I have come to admire will be signing her prints at the Womens' Conference at BYU. You can check out her blog here.

Cassandra Barney paints women in such a serene and haunting way. They are feminine and soft...and there seems to be so much to tell behind their eyes. I love how art has it's own story to tell. When an artist tells it, I feel more of an affinity for the piece and how it may parallel my own life. But sometimes, I admit, I like to make up my own story...

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