March 02, 2009

We had a very pink birthday party this weekend. I always wanted one of these Barbie cakes. Now I can just live vicariously through my daughters...any childhood thrills I feel like I missed out on, I just produce for one of my children. They feel special and I feel satisfied in one fell swoop. It's awesome!

Speaking of Barbies...I was at this store, it shall remain nameless, and I stumbled upon vintage Barbies. I had no idea...I found myself excited and breathless. I think I need to start my own Barbie collection. I never got to play with them growing up, I think it's a void I need to fill now.
1959 Barbie

Love the eye make-up, the do and the red glamo lips. She has a Esther Williams-inspired bathing suit and the coolest cat-eyes sunglasses. Hmmm....she will definately be my first purchase.

1962 Barbie
The teased hair reminds me of pictures of my mom. (She has the best scrapbooks from college!) Kind of Jackie O'ish. I will get her next.

1971 Barbie
The gauzy outfit and big sunglasses are so true to the era. And she is so dang tan! (Even more so in person than she looks here.) Obviously before the sunblock craze. (There's a topic of conversation for a later date!)


rebecca said...

I like the vintage barbies more than the current Barbies. How fun! Love the cake, esp. the frill around the rim. Happy b-day to your gal!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Angela..Happy Birthday to the baby!!!
You have so much fun..what is it about Barbie that makes me want to get out a pair of plastic shoes and brush her hair!! Must be the tan??

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday! The Barbie cake looks awesome. I made my daughter an ice cream version of this cake one year.

pinkstilettos said...

Yes it was Barbie's 50th birthday! They had the new version of the Barbie in the black and white bathing suit on sale at Kroger for $3- so I had to buy two. I thought they would make good birthday gifts for my cousin's little girls. Daisy~

paperlili said...

ok...I too bought the Malibu one other but I can't remember which AND I am either buying (depending on time) or making the Barbie dress cake next week. Funny. I have never actually cut into one of those barbie cakes...but I was all out of ideas and well...there she was sittin' all purdy on the counter at Target Greatland. Better put in my order now.