March 30, 2009

Mi Puro Corazon

Puro Corazon
This is a very cool company out of Peru that makes the most unique, colorful, prettiest purses I have ever seen. I first saw them here on Made by Girl.

I tried to get them out of my mind, just forget about them. I live here...they are there..

This is my mom (and brother-in-law). She is going to Peru for the first time in her life!

These are the purses she must trek the mountains to find.

Go Mom! I know you can do it!


Pam said...

Looking for purses will definitely make the trip more fun and get my mind off of whatever I am nervous about! Oh yes, and there is always Machu Pichu (?)...the seventh wonder of the world and meeting some of Dad's converts to the church. But let's prioritize....hmmmmm. So are you saying that you would love, love, love me to bring you one if I find them?...or do you just want to see mine?

amy said...

Your brother-in-law is hot!!

Angela Henrie said...

I would love one.