March 05, 2009

Guest towel quest

I love this idea from Eddie Ross...Guest towels. I love white linen and what a special treat to walk into a bathroom with all of these beauties. HOWEVER, I have children. This perfect presentation would last, I don't know, 5 minutes!!! Maybe one day they will have no interest in using the guest bathroom, but until then, I am stuck with using my own devices... Voila. I buy white hand towels at Target, I think they are actually kitchen towels, and just go to town on them. No, they are not pretty linen, dommage, but they are white. Embroider a little pattern, sew on a perks up the bathroom. I get fun embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching. (Trust me, you will be embroidering on everything!)

(Special note: You are probable wondering, "but where is Wynnie's handtowel?" LOST. But guess what...I am not too upset because, one, it will eventually turn up (I just know it!), and, two, I spent just pennies on it.)


eddieross said...

Thank you for such a sweet post! And how great would a mix of vintage and target linens look? Love it!!


paperlili said...

Oh Angela...Can I tell you that I probably own every pattern from Sublime Stitching too! I love her stuff. Very cute.