March 25, 2009

Garden Update

I went to Garden Club this weekend and I learned SO much! (Bonus: Convo with Johnathan. Hi, Johnathan!) I wish I had learned about square foot gardening a LONG time ago. I am feeling such relief and have lost that "overwhelmed" attitude about gardening. I want to be sure and share the details of my garden adventure so that if anyone is feeling like it's just too big of an undertaking, (like I did), I can put your mind at ease. I have the white picket fence, two gates, garden signs, bird baths, statues, you name it! But my little garden is full of weeds and an overgrown lantana bush. I have to say, the bermuda grass has been a HUGE obstacle for me. Saturday, Master Gardner Barbara showed me the light! "Put layers of wet cardboard and newspaper over it. Unless you want to just dig it up?" Are you serious!!!! That's all I have to do to kill these weeds!? I'm on it.
The last two nights, my big boy Brock (BBB) has helped me scour behind grocery stores for cardboard. I drive, he loads. Awesome. BBB has been very helpful to me in this process. He moves big things around the yard, brings me the green barrell, mows the lawn (and edges too if I prod him enough), he's great.

I have cut back the lantana and gradually covering the entire area with cardboard. (Need one more load, at least.) I didn't take a picture of my mess of a garden, I'm really not one for "before" pictures. (Note: You will typically never get "before" picture from me, especially pre-weight loss. I don't believe in them. Ughh. I don't like proof of my failures.) I'll have pictures later, don't worry.

So that's where I am right now. After the cardboard and newspaper, I will lay down weed cloth. I also started my compost. If you live in Mesa, AZ, you can get a compost bin from the city for $5! It's a recycled garbage can, cut off on the bottom, and big air holes drilled in the sides. Be sure to get 2 or 3 so you can rotate them.
Thanks to Harpers and Master Gardners, Barbara and Rae. You have shown me the way.

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