March 31, 2009

Fab Find

Doing the MANY loads of laundry a day that I do (I'm in no way complaining here), I am always on the lookout to find products that perk up this hum drum chore. I could not make it through a day of washing these massive mounds, without taking on my Snow White attitude. I try to find the joy in doing laundry by adding "this and that" to make it smell good. I found these at Trader Joe's and they smell so nice. But I love lavender. (If you don't like lavender, do NOT buy these.)


michelle said...

I linked to your blog thru Minni's. I am headed to Trader Joes today! I love lavender! :)

Carolyne said...

I love lavender! I bet it makes your laundry smell divine!

Nice to meet you, btw. Isn't it wonderful to meet such crafty people in the blogosphere?