March 23, 2009

As a modern-day homemaker and excellent housewife, I have come to love making bread. I make all of our bread. I am not trying to get a pat-on-the back on this one - you know I love to bake. I have just loved learning about bread making and finding the poofiest, softest, yummiest recipes on this green earth. I came across these tags on Etsy from Persimmon & Pink. Now I can give away some loaves! While browsing, I also discovered these swell prints that are unlike any I've ever found at any LDS bookstore:

These are words to LIVE BY.

Now if I could find cute labels for my food storage jars so that my pantry could feel "cute"...I am seriously on a quest and if I don't find any, I'll have to start looking into becoming a graphic designer. I don't know if I have the time to do that!

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rebecca said...

I love these cards. I just labeled my kitchen staples using these labels...
She designed them for a client, so if they aren't what you're looking for she may do something custom for you.