February 25, 2009

To Continue My Story...

Okay, see if you can follow this CRAZY story of my start in jewelry...

I had these cute little girls with no cute jewelry to wear. I lived in Las Vegas at the time, and the cutest accessories I could find were rainbow, sequined shoes. So as I was learning the wholesale business with painting my furniture and all, I decided it would be interesting to dive into making jewelry. (After all, my eighth grade career test told me I should be a jewelry designer someday.) One thing led to another and I was selling it locally. Nobody made children's jewelry back in the day.
I had little business cards printed up and submitted one to Victoria magazine. They published it in their calling cards section. That was fun.
Somehow, a jewelry rep found me in the magazine. She contacted me and started selling my jewelry in California. One day I asked her, "Do you think you get an appointment at Fred Segal"? She tried. And accomplished! They started selling my jewelry in their children's department.
Suddenly, I get a call that I was going to be in Instyle Magazine because guess who bought a necklace of mine?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......only the most famous new Mother at the moment!

MADONNA!!!!!!! What?! Are you kidding me? Of all the celebrities!!!!!!!!!!!! So into Instyle my little necklace went and the rest is history. It pretty much gave me the boost to approach other stores. This is something I learned: When you approach a buyer or manager and say, "I make jewelry." they'll most likely reply, "That's nice." But when you can say "I make jewelry and I've been in Instyle Magazine." they tend to react a little more like, "Oh! Really? When should we set up an appointment?" I know that can sound a little superficial, but sometimes you have to throw out a little materialistic bait.
Anyways, I went on to sell in various stores and boutiques and then suddenly, one sweet day, I just stopped. I found that I had a pleasant following of very lovely people and I liked interacting with them myself.
Lesson learned: Do what you love and love what you do. It's o.k. to evolve and change your path. Being a stay-at-home-Mom is a BIG job...only add what you can handle so you still enjoy what you do. There's always a way that can work for you.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I love learning this about you!! Victoria Magazine..so lucky!! Fred Segal and to top it all off Madonna...you are such a rock star!!!

Jill Bagley said...

i am super jealous. congratulations on all your success as a jewelry artist! i have been in the business for a long time. but not so seriously after having three kids.
you have inspired me to keep going at it.
HMMMM , i wonder what my 8th grade career test would say :)