February 04, 2009

I was visiting Shannon Fricke's blog the other day and she had this pretty vase filled with bougainvillea. Oh yeah! How could I forget about one of my favorite blooming plants that gives me beautiful color in the HOT months of summer. Always there for me, never frying and wilting from the sun's harsh rays. When I sadly have to prune the rose bushes down to nothing and start to feel the depression from their absent blooms, I look over to you and there you are in your colorful glory. You fill the void I am feeling. I love you, Bougainvillea. I promise never to forget you again!

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Kimberly said...

OK, this was a link at the end of a link at the end of a link of your blog today (June 5th). So true. Here in Texas, when my roses are done, the hydrangeas are devoid of any color and the azaleas don't look much better than they do in the middle of winter, I have three things blooming beautifully; moss roses, begonias and bouganvillia (I am sure I killed the spelling). Sadly enough I take them for granted because they do look so good at 105 degrees! If a plant looks this great at this heat it must be a, dare I say it, a "weed". No, It's a miracle, and thank, God, for it!!! :) KIM