February 24, 2009

For the Munchkins

Dorothy says,

"Get one of these"

" then do this... "

"Plop it in these"

"and voila! "

"You will have happy Munchkins!


rebecca said...

So you mixed parts of the cake batter with food coloring? That cake is AWESOME!

Anna Macfarlane said...

After we polish off our meyer lemon mini tarts, I will have to make that! Maybe in honor of Gigi turning two!

Did it take a lot of food coloring? Was it the gel kind?

Angela Henrie said...

We used the gel kind of food coloring. They make a more "rich" color.

LexyB said...

Very clever ... now can you make a DarthVader version for boys?

Angela Henrie said...

Lexy, hmmmm...I'll have to roll that one around in my mind to come up with something...