January 30, 2009

My life consists of many projects going on simultaneously. If it weren't that way, it just wouldn't be MY life. (Or Hubby's. It's partly his fault too.) We have been making a pantry in the old laundry room. On my wish list right now is this pendant light from McKenzie-Childs. Hubby should be happy that it is not, in fact, another chandelier. I'm wondering, though, if it might not be enough light...we may need two.


rebecca said...

I still remember being awe-struck walking through McKenzie-Childs during my first trip to NYC...eye candy for sure. I love this b/w pendant. Having one in the laundry room might just help me like laundry:)

Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

I lovvvvvvve McKenzie-Childs. I think you could make it yourself. I've seen some of your peices you've painted.