January 06, 2009

I was so enamoured with these photographs by James Merrell.

I love to do the ironing in a beautiful room. With the sunlight peeking in just so and music playing. (Don't forget the trigger spray starch from Sprouts! It smells so good.)

This is a perfect depiction of me every morning coming down to make breakfast for everyone. (I'm always quite lively when I first wake up!)

I don't normally gravitate towards blue in my decorating, but this room feels very serene. I especially like the tone paired with the darker wood.

I love clusters of pictures and art on the walls- "Groupings". Putting these together is an art in itself.
I love this light blue room and the small remnant of wallpaper. I admire the curtains too. I tend to go white with curtains because I'm afraid if I use color, I will tire of them too soon. This inspires me to take the leap and do something more bold on a window of mine.


Lyndsay said...

So Marie Antoinette gone modern!

Kathleen Ellis said...

I love this last room...don't you just want to add it to your house. I do!