January 21, 2009

I took a cue from Brooke Giannatti at Velvet and Linen and used an antique shutter to add some architectural interest to my kitchen. Read about her use of shutters and you will likely be inspired to do the same. I have had these "shutters" in my garage for who-knows-how-many-years...it's so cool to finally use them.


soawesomeimightgetarrested said...

cute idea!

cadi said...

so my sis (the gorgeous blonde above this comment) spotlighted you on her blog. The quote by Sister Hinckley is what did it for me today. It was Heaven-Sent. That is how I've been feeling for 6 weeks now. A gnawing, a swirling of ideas that I can't quite get to. Thanks for the quote and LOVE your blog!