January 03, 2009

I am NO stalker, but...

I love going for rides or walks at night. Windows that you can't normally see into (from the street, of course!) during the daylight, are all aglow at night. Homes look lived in, life fluttering from room to room, televisions casting strobe effects througout the living space. (You must have peeked once in your life, right?) The evening is the most beautiful time because there are light fixtures on and candles flickering. Life has calmed down after a busy day, kids are bathed, ready for bed, maybe doing homework at the kitchen table. Perhaps the entire family is sitting down to dinner together, enjoying one anothers' company.

I really love the "quick peek" or "glance" into the hearts of these edifices people call "homes". Who lives here? What are they like? Do they all get along with each other?

At night, I imagine someone can see into my house...is the kitchen clean, or do we look like slobs? Are my candles lit and the chandeliers casting a homey glow? I'm weird, I know. But our home is a direct reflection of who we are and how we live our lives. I don't want to be the slob, I want to have CLASS, darnit. And anyone who looks into my window is going to realize that!


drooz studio said...

happy new year to YOU!
thanks for all your positive notes and encouragement all year!
I wish you much happiness and SUCCESS as well!


Elena said...

love this post, I often often wonder what people would think about my house at night. Lived in? or total chaos? I want to have class too but it seems to be consistently just out of reach.

amydear said...

Is this your house? If it is, you certainly have class! If I have a room of my own someday, it will look like the designs you have posted. And it will have toile.

Kathleen Ellis said...

I sooo identify with this...I LOVE to walk/drive by homes at night and get quick peeks in! I love to notice wall colors (or lack thereof) and window treatments...I am a decorator, afterall!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment. You asked if my dining room appears in any other posts...not in it's entire-ity but snippets of it appear in some of the Tablescape Tuesday posts.
Stop by and take a peek...and I'll do the same!
Have a great week! :-)