January 17, 2009

Field Trip Friday

This post is a little late...

Our field trip this week was to Sur la Table. (In my opinion, the best cooking store around.)

I bought Libbie her first knife. I have never seen her so excited and thrilled. (You would have thought I bought her the latest and greatest I-Pod.)

I wish I loved cooking as much as she does. When she's home visiting us, we eat like royalty. Her cooking does, however, make me feel a bit inadequate. But that's o.k. Her food is totally worth it! I don't posess half the knowledge of herbs and spices as she and I can't just whip up a fois gras. I didn't even know what fennel was until she introduced me to it during the holidays. She's very generous about sharing her wealth of knowlege with me and even helps me plan the menus while she is gone during the week. She's so sweet...she really does spoil me.

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Farnsworth Family Newsletter said...

Angela.....Williams-Sonoma!!!! We carry Wustof santuko hollow ground knifes.
I love seeing all your new creations, I need to come over soon, its been way to long. I hope all is well.