January 09, 2009

Field Trip Friday!

This week we made the trek, kids in tow, to Phoenix to visit Rust and Roses - One of my favorite little garden and home decor shops. Outside, Shelly stocks the yard with a bounty of garden art, rod iron, and urns. There are also many salvage pieces hanging, leaning and standing. So much eye candy, you have to stand still and let your eyes slowly rove to take it all in.

Inside the shop is an eclectic mix of French inspired pieces, stained glass windows, silver (one of my personal favorites to collect), and frouf. ("Frouf" - stuff you don't need, but adds that "je ne sais quoi a la maison".) Whenever I have a party or a get- together coming up, I love to go see what new platters and serving pieces Shelly has. Shelly is so sweet and personable - you will definately have a happy experience shopping at her place.
Rust and Roses
4200 N. 7th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(602) 264 4999


Shelly Beson said...

Good to know! So what'd ya buy.


Angela Henrie said...

Shelly...I just bought a silver pitcher. It was a steal and I couldn't resist!