December 09, 2008

Paint update

I spent the weekend, not painting any walls, but pathetically batting my eyes at hubby.

I'm trying to encourage him to be more open-minded to color - especially pink. (Since he does have to live in this house too.)

So many of our walls are "taupe" because Mr. Neutral likes to play it safe. (Safe, Schmafe!) Call me crazy, but I firmly believe that pink is right up there on the "Most Neutral" color list.

In these rooms, the pink is subtle enough, and with enough white detail, you hardly notice the cotton candy walls. It just feels calm and cool.

I have always assumed that if you use pink, automatically, I think white molding. But I like how in this picture, the woodwork is brown.

It feels regal and warm. It adds feminity to the masculine and masculinity to the femine. Isn't pink just magical like that? Seriously, how could you NOT use pink as a neutral!
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Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

oh how I wish I could paint some pink walls too, but I am also married to a Mr. Neutral! lol.Our house is every shade of brown from super dark chocolate to taupe but what is a girl to do?

amy said...

Seriously, how could you not?