December 17, 2008

My Christmas Wish List
I am a difficult person to shop for, I know that much. I don't like making lists. Every year, hubby requests one and I hate it. I feel so pretentious making one. I know it's because he's clueless as to what it is that I like and want. I am so particular... I make myself frustrated! But when I see something I love, I KNOW it! I'm willing to help the guy out, though:
I would love an old retablo painting. If you could find one for me, that would be great.

Also, I need an antique chandelier for my bathroom. It, indeed, needs to be an antique. I have very strict rules about chandeliers that are hung in my home. So, if you could find that perfect size and style for the bathroom, I would just be so thrilled!!

I also want something else for the bathroom, you know the antique stained glass window. Preferrably in the colors I like. (I know you know precisely the shades and colors I go for.) Oh, and just one more little thing...

You know I always love mirrors: antique gold, venetian... Just make sure it's lovely. If you can't find any of these things, you could always get me my favorite perfume...(Pink Sugar - but you knew the name of it, right? Silly me.)

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Pam said...

Dear Santa,

If you are interested, I know a place that you can find a mirror similar to the one on the list. Give me a call if you indeed need this information. The Alpine number would be best.