December 26, 2008

I love classic French furnishings. This website,, has a barrage of these beauties. Whether they be white-washed or gold, I would gladly take one, or two, or more. Sometimes you can find similar styles second hand and totally do a makeover. I don't mind the painting, but the upholstery part, I would definately hire a professional.

I love the whiteness and then the subtlety of color in the throw pillow. You can go conservative or dramatic, depending on your mood...(or time of the month.)

Mark my words, one day I WILL get my hands on a couch like this. And I may just go crazy with it. (Pink velvet has always been on my list of obsessions.)

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Paris Pastry said...

Thank you so so much for this website link! I love antique French furniture as well :D