December 03, 2008

Christmas Giveaway...fa la la...

Go to Angela Henrie Minis for a necklace giveaway. You have to go there. Now.

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michelle smith-branham said...

Wow...I have never spent this much time on the computer..This morning I came across your comment on fb, out of curosity I followed the link---well lets just say the morning got nothing accomplished and I u/p kids from school only to lay little ones down and get right back to reading your blog... You are incredible...I love your positive energy and outlook....Your husband and children are very blessed, as I am sure everyone that comes into contact with you is.... you have opened my eyes with some of your insight...Thank you!! I had a wonderful time laughing to myself and appreciating your candid thoughts. I was long overdue for some ME time. I think too often in life people leave marks and they don't realize they do...You my friend have made yours..what sweet blessings you have reaped. Have a wonderful day, again THANK YOU it was looking for you in Target!---Michelle Smith-Branham