November 16, 2008

Uh oh. There's an empty space in the entryway!

I have bought many antiques in my life...not all of them making hubby very happy, a three sided crib being one of them. "What would you NEED it for?" (Notice the word, "NEED". It comes up A LOT in conversations we have.) Sometimes it's so exhilarating to buy something I TOTALLY don't need. I have a best friend that thinks nothing of hitching her huge trailer on to her 'burb, loading all the kids in their car seats, and picking up such frivolity with me. We never have to inconvenience hubby with picking up large purchases. They just magically appear at no inconvenience to him. (We are thoughtful that way.) Anyways, I like pretty pillows-- I don't like kids lying on pretty pillows. So I put them on the crib settee that nobody sits on. So, it just sits there, sitting pretty for anyone who comes through the front door. (Don't drop your backpacks on it!)

Update: the Christmas tree went up this weekend. No decorations yet, just the lit tree. I LOVE it!


amy said...

Now I know to never sit on the three sided crib. I've been tempted a time or two but now I will stay clear.

Mélanie said...

love this sofa ! i'm very happy you've stopped by my blog