November 26, 2008

One last idea before Thanksgiving: (There's still time to make one last trip to the store.) Most of my family will be here and I wanted to think of a way to make it memorable. When you have a large family, you just never know when you will all be together again. I bought an inexpensive white table cloth (it was SO hard for me to buy a simple, plain tablecoth! I had to keep telling myself, people are going to draw all over this thing with SHARPIES of all things!) and a package of Sharpies. I'll just have everyone write their name, what they are thankful for, add 2008, (maybe the little ones will want to trace their hands), and we will have a treasure we can take out year after year. Not the prettiest, but definately sentimental. And people who really know me know just how sentimental I really am. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


tamy@simplymein said...

What a fantastic idea and a gorgeous keepsake..
We are headed out of town but will sorely miss the wondeful chaos of cooking this year..
Have a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Dena Berg (SugarShop) said...

What a great idea!!! Maybe it would be fun to get a few rubber stamps of leaves or turkeys and some fabric ink and have the little ones add the stamps to decorate it a bit too. Happy Thanksgiving

amydear said...

Some friends of ours have a plain blue cotton tablecloth. They have dinner guests write their names on the tablecloth. Then Dottie goes back and embroiders over everyone's signatures. They now have over 1000 names on this tablecloth! They use it every Sunday, and they have guests over almost every Sunday. I hope your Sharpie creation turns out great!

amy said...

I'll start perfecting my autograph. Can't wait until tomorrow.

Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

What a clever idea.