November 02, 2008

Dreams are for dreamers
Friends are for the friendly (are you a good friend?)
A thought comes only to those who are thoughtful
Gifts are for the gifters (aren't you the one who benefits the most when you give?)
You have to give it to get it.
Get it?

Sometimes we can fall into a funk and feel down on ourselves, our lives, our situation. But what I really try to do is be an "action jackson". Sure, I can complain that I don't have friends, people don't like me, I'm not successful enough... but wait! What am I doing as far as my actions? What am I giving and throwing out there. Have I stepped out of my comfort zone today? Am I thinking my positive thoughts? It's not always easy, but the effort has great returns. It's all about attitude. And in the words of my once little boy, "The sun's coming up... AGAIN!" We are so blessed. It's going to be a great day!

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