November 06, 2008

Did you see this one!

I just have to show you this magazine picture of pictures I found on madebygirl. I love how the picture frames "frame" the doorway. I really want to do this somewhere in my house. I'm having a hard time finding just the right place - Many of my doorways reach to the ceiling. We'll figure it out. Hubby is going out of town and I have plans to do some "redecorating". I have found with my guy it is much easier to ask forgiveness...blah, blah, blah.


rebecca said...

I love this idea. I don't know if I have a doorway where this would work, but it does get the creative juices flowing for hanging photos, etc. in new ways. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa K said...

oohhh!! Love love love that! P.s. please keep posting pictures of you amazing home! I really want to see what you've done!
~Melissa Hunsaker Kleiner