October 13, 2008


Halloween is just around the corner. We are going to be creative this year and make costumes out of what we already have. I assured the kids that we could buy face paint and a few accessories. They are so excited -- and it makes me excited to see them so excited! Every year we do an after -trick-or-treat party in the driveway. We have hot soups, roast marshmallows, and visit with family and friends. I love this time of year...

I had a GREAT time in Utah. I got to see my old high school friend get married, visited with my freshman roomate, and pounded the pavement with Anna, looking for cool "junk". We also dropped by Gardner Village and shopped. They have THE BEST witch display - they are all over the place! I can NOW say that I am officially in the Halloween spirit. I came home and got out "ScareyGuy". I have had to move him since to a more remote area of the house. Gigi and Wynnie did NOT like having to walk by him. He IS creepy, even more so since one of the kids put batteries in his red glowing eyes!


Anna Macfarlane said...

he is the coolest halloween decor EVER!

We had so much fun with you here, even though now Johnny is even more determined to not eat any fruit ("hey, you know what's worser"). THANKS A LOT!

Miss you!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

love these pics...and the new banner and all the fun things I expect from you Angela