October 16, 2008

Do you Diet Coke?

Some of us have our daily Diet Cokes. Mine usually comes from Sonic in 44 oz. size. I try to make mental deals with myself - if I drink this, then I have to fill it with water and drink that before I can EVEN think of having another. I'm pretty good about keeping it down to one a day. I'm not knocking anyone that doesn't, however. I have SO many requests for "pop star" necklaces with the Diet Coke bottle cap. They are getting so hard to come by. If anyone knows of a source, I would be forever and ever grateful for the info. I'm off to Sonic... $175


Steph said...

Hi Angela,
I came across your blog from the Fall Bliss Fest (Stephanie Nielson). You might not remember me, I used to work for your dad. I ran into you and Cameron at a swim meet a couple years ago. I just wanted to let you know how talented I think you are! I love this Diet Coke necklace so much...I LOVE diet coke! We moved to California about a year ago and my most missed thing there (other than family) is my daily run to Sonic for a Diet Coke! I am so jealous! Tell Amanda "hello" for me, I just love your family. Tell Cameron hi for Mike and I too. Take care, Stephanie Weaver

Nancy said...

Love this, I have so many friends I could see wearing it! Your style is so unique and stylish. Love all of it.

rebecca said...

I love my Diet Coke & this super fun and gorgeous necklace!