September 23, 2008

I love vintage pictures, books, postcards...I collect them all. And give me some modge podge and I can go crazy. I love to decoupage and turn something I've tired of to something new and interesting to look at. This is our dvd cabinet in all its glory, shells and all. I did a surfer/beach motif. I was probably watching Beach Blanket Bingo or one of my Gidget movies at the time. I wanted it to be durable so I did paint a two-part epoxy over the surface. Note that I did not show the inside...the dvds never seem to stay organized for long, but you've gotten the jist of it. And for some crazy reason, my little ones have never been tempted to pull of the shells, they just open the door and empty out the movies. I am SO fortunate!

I have been busy getting ready for my "Frida" show in October. The collection is really coming together and I am getting excited to present this particular grouping. I am keeping everything locked up so as not to ruin the element of "oooohhhh" and "ahhhhhhhh" - ing the night of the show. I will post pictures then... maybe a few teasers in the next few days.


Tamy said...

This cabinet is too fabulous!!
Please dont tell me you get all these from Rocky Point - I never have any luck there!!
Modge Podge is one of most utilized and under-rated crafting "accessories"...I am sending you my details so I can be on the email list for your show - hopefully it will be here in Phoenix!!

Amanda said...

Cant wait!!!!!