September 18, 2008

I love shells...maybe it's the Greek-ness (no, not geek-ness) in me. If I see a shell covered box, my heart starts to beat fast and I do one of those panicked gasps my husband loves so much. Maybe it's because I'm a romantic and I love the history of shell covered gifts the sailors would send home to their true loves. Or it could be that I love, love, love the ocean. know that shells represent life and virility and since I've given life to EIGHT human beings, I'm a bit partial to the symbol of it all. I don't know...I just really love shells. I have bags of them, I buy them in bulk off the internet, I collect them on the beach. Do you need something covered in shells? Call me.


Anna Macfarlane said...

I have an old tv that might look better in shells!

You know what would be cool? A skull for halloween in shells. Kinda creepy, but beachy.

I'm a genius (gotta be something since you are so obviously the artistic and creative one)!

amy said...

Now I know what to get you for Christmas.